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Additionally, hosts may not be questioned continually about their decisions (including bans or kicks).

The Surviving Chronic Chat Room is intended for people with chronic pain disorders, people who have recovered from chronic pain disorders.

It does help to keep confusion down if you do not use a nickname that is already in use.

Although the chatroom is an unstructured environment, support should always come first.

If you are being bothered in the chat rooms, use the Ignore feature.

However, you may not use the Ignore feature on a host or assistant host.

Having fun is permitted, but please have respect for people who need to talk about serious issues. Do not diagnose other chat members or give medical advice.

You may share personal experiences, of course, as well as research you've read (as long as you can cite the source of your research so that others may read it).

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Often during late pregnancy and early postpartum months a husband feels sexually and emotionally abandoned.

Many people struggle from adolescence on with sexual temptation, more frequently with online pornography. This is something you'll need to lovingly confront.

Books such as Affairs of the Mind, , and Every Man's Battle are good resources for you both to study and discuss.

The rules have been developed based on the experiences of the hosts, moderators, and chat members.

Arguing with or complaining to the hosts about the rules will not cause the rules to change and may result in your removal from the rooms.

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