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It has become increasingly clear that these radiometric dating techniques agree with each other and as a whole, present a coherent picture in which the Earth was created a very long time ago.Compared to Euler angles they are simpler to compose and avoid the problem of gimbal lock.Compared to rotation matrices they are more compact, more numerically stable, and may be more efficient.Quaternions have applications in computer graphics, computer vision, robotics, navigation, molecular dynamics, flight dynamics, When used to represent rotation, unit quaternions are also called rotation quaternions.It is a smartphone with a total of 5.7 inches full HD of display, and President G10 by G'FIVE is equipped with a Quad-Core 1.7 GHZ processor with 32 GB ROM, 1 GB RAM, and with the 13.0 MP back camera, 5.0 MP front-facing camera.

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