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Rehashing older discussions about online dating and race,’s Reihan Salam penned a piece titled “Is it Racist to Date Only people of Your Own Race?Yes.” He concludes the piece, To be sure, dating is about more than the sharing of bread, and Ok Cupid users who express strong racial preferences may well be doing the world a favor by being open and honest about their wants.I used to spend hours manually scrolling through each potential match’s questions until I found out how they answered one question in particular.

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It doesn’t matter how many times it happens, it defies my expectations.By marking “No” to the question “If one of your potential matches were overweight, would that be a dealbreaker?” you are not saying “I love all fat people and want to fuck/marry all of them.” You’re just saying, “I’d consider going on a date with one single individual ‘obese’ person sometime in my life before I die.Sizeist attitudes are particularly embedded in individualistic cultures such as the U. Work by social psychologist Bernard Weiner and his colleagues shows that fat stigmatization is more likely when individuals assign individual responsibility and blame to fat people, and Christian Crandall and his colleagues’ research further shows that fatism correlates with belief in a just world, the Protestant work ethic, and conservative political ideology (56).Being fat is, in this frame of thought, an undeniable visible marker of an individual’s failure to live up to the demands of Western political ideologies of personal responsibility and self-empowerment.

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