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Fairy Tale Resource Page for Teachers and Librarians A resource guide for professionals involved in teaching or introducing the world of Fairy Tales to children grades K-6.

This is an archive of an old but interesting site - however, the links may not all work now.

Creative Campfires and Storytelling Lots of resources and advice for scout camp organisers, which could help any outdoor storyteller.

Includes tips on storytelling, collections of tales and songs to use, planning tips and much more.

Mudcat Cafe presents The Digital Traditions Folksong Database Searchable lyrics of nearly 9000 folk songs, including of course the many ballads/stories.

Plus a discussion forum for asking further questions.

Use your browser's Edit - Find facility to search for any keyword that you might want in the title of a story, as a primitive story search.

Aristotle's Rhetoric This ancient book is still revered for its thorough and perceptive examination of the art of persuasion and oral speech making.

The complete text is here online, divided into chapters.

Each chapter is summarised also, and there's a bibliography for further readiing.

Use it to browse or search the extensive short explanatory articles on a wide variety of subjects, or read many stories.

The main categories are: Mythology - Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania, Other mythologies; Folklore of the world, including cryptozoology, general, Arthurian legend, Greek heroic legend, and texts of folktales; Bestiary; Heroes; Image gallery; Genealogy of pantheons and prominent Houses; Features.

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