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For some this is the way to go about First Contact.Alien invaders seemingly love to tempt humans with this as part of their Masquerade, although you'd think they'd learn better.May include a moral about the Fantastic Racism version of inter-racial romances. Anyone looking for more built in angst will make one of these a Mayfly December Romance.In less realistic settings, can easily result in Half Human Hybrids or Hybrid Monsters, or even Random Species Offsprings. That is just a totally overused device to make easy jokes.You know, talking to the camera about how you really feel, and then cutting back and saying something completely different! A live-action series co-created by Bill Prady and Bob Kushell, based on the famous characters created by Jim Henson, premiering on ABC on September 22, 2015, and ending March 1, 2016.Chances of it actually becoming an Official Couple (and evolving into a mixed marriage) are increased if the nonhuman has a human form.Although there is an element of Squick amongst a certain number of audience members, most people accept it in cases where there are couple seen to be of different species.

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The "Sesame Street" crew risked not being able to find their way back home just to serve witness. Our relationship, you sort of have to judge it hour by hour.

All of that pomp and circumstance made us think the marriage was the real deal, but Piggy has said the minister officiating had "been defrocked."While his frog feet are often cold, Kermit the Frog really does love Piggy, as he told Ellen De Generes in 2011. "She just puts all these stories in the tabloids about us being married, and that's a little weird. Very strange."Miss Piggy has been willing to wait for Kermit because he's the only one for her, but she hasn't let their on-again, off-again affair get in the way of her dreams.

On "The Tonight Show" in 1979, Miss Piggy claimed she and Kermit the Frog were engaged, much to Kermit's surprise.

Although the frog swiftly shut down those engagement reports, we got the backstory on how Piggy and Kermit fell in love at first sight in 1979's "The Muppet Movie." They could've just been playing characters, but we know a spark when we see it.

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