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Direct services between ELY, Cambridge North and London Kings Cross will be reduced to one per hour.

There will be no direct service between WATERBEACH and London Kings Cross - a change of trains at Cambridge will be required.

"The busy Ely North rail junction sees five railway lines intersect, connecting East Anglia to London, and has become a bottleneck forcing trains to slow down and wait for others to pass.Transport secretary Chris Grayling said that upgrades to the junction will happen in the next rail investment period, between 20.Once complete they will expand capacity across East Anglia, meaning fewer delays for passengers." The transport minister tells the paper: "This is one of the key priority projects for the railway.Chief Executive Chris Starkie reports (Agenda item 12, page 30 of 47) that: "the £3.3m legal agreement for the Ely Area Rail Enhancement Scheme to be delivered by Network Rail has now been signed by both New Anglia LEP and GCGP LEPs and is just awaiting Network Rail’s signature.Once in place the first £286k of funding can be released before the end of the financial year." The Network Rail work referred to is a Feasibility Study.

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