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In 1868, for example, there were no less than 150 lectures on spiritualism advertised in the Spiritual Telegraph newspaper.

That fad led to lots of unique business opportunities.

There are plenty on the Internet that have been gently used (which is mildly unsettling when you think about it), and look really really cool. It’s 5.00, so beware of ghosts and buyer’s remorse. The Ouija board that’s BEEN THROUGH IT Seller’s note: This Ouija board, for the price of .99, comes with two candles, which the owner claims were used to help sick loved ones.

These Ouija boards are insanely intricate and come with crazy stories. The current owner is pretty sure the previous owner believed that the boards were “active.” Also this previous family “feared the board.” 3.

There was an Associated Press story about new talking boards taking over northern Ohio, so we know talking boards existed in Ohio, but a man named Charles Kennard, living in Chestertown, Maryland, claimed to invent the board that would become Ouija. So Reiche [later] claims he came up with the idea, too and that Charles Kennard took it from him and went on to make it a business. In April 1890—we think April 25—they have a séance with Bond’s sister-in-law Helen Peters, whom Bond calls a “strong medium,” where they ask the board what it wants to be called. A grandson of Helen Peters says his grandmother told his family this story: Bond took Peters to the patent office in Washington, D. They show it to the first clerk, who says, ‘I don’t want to be a laughing stock They get the chief clerk, who says, ‘If that contraption can spell out my name, then you’ve got your patent.’ Peters takes out the Ouija Board. So these spirit communication devices were used to answer questions that nothing else can: Times of economic depression and wars seem to be when lots of “talking boards” take off.

It spells out “O-U-I-J-A” and when they ask what that means, the board spells out, “G-O-O-D L-U-C-K.” The building where the séance happened is still there, 529 N. You wrote letters, waited for a response, and in the meantime, wanted some way to know if your son or father was okay.

Some devices even used planchettes(that's the name for the thing you hold when you operate a Ouija board.For instance, during the Vietnam War, Parker Brothers buys the Ouija Board in 1966, and then in 1967, it outsells When [the Ouija Board] was invented during Victorian times, it broke a lot of rules.At a time when you weren’t supposed to be alone with people of opposite sex, and people weren’t supposed to be touching, the Ouija Board was built so that you put it on your knees and your fingers would touch, so this was the ultimate date game.Myth says it's named after a French medium, but it's a word for a small board dating back to medieval France).Often, these early planchettes had a hole so a pencil could write the answer. The most common belief is that Reiche sold his invention to Kennard, though it's hard to know for sure (Reiche later claimed it was stolen).

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