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While only 11 years old, she played during halftime of a St.

John's basketball game; her play was so impressive that a security guard asked for her autograph.

Overall, her record at UConn in games she played is a remarkable 114–4.

Bird was a member of the inaugural class (2006) of inductees to the University of Connecticut women's basketball "Huskies of Honor" recognition program.

During her junior year, Bird played in a game against Notre Dame referred to as "the best women's basketball game ever played".

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In her sophomore season (1999–2000) she came back to lead the team to a 36–1 record and won the Big East Championship and the 2000 NCAA Women's Division I Basketball Tournament. The last loss was to Big East rival Notre Dame in the Final Four.Since her rookie season she has been selected to the Western Conference All Star team.In 2004, the Storm acquired shooting guard Betty Lennox in a dispersal draft, joining forces with Sue Bird and Lauren Jackson, forming a dominant trio of star players to carry the Storm to its first WNBA Championship.She considered UConn the favorite, but she began to waver when Keirsten Walters and Brianne Stepherson, both point guards, announced commitments to UConn.She worried that there might not be room for her to play.

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